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There is a cyclical nature to nourishment. If you feel nourished by the community, the wisdom of the Owas and the time and resources necessary to maintain access to what we bring to the world, please consider honoring energy exchange. There are many ways to do this - not all are monetarily (sending a stone imbued with gratitude to sit on Amber's night stand is a wonderful option, for example). But since we also live in a material world with material expenses, we have created a variety of one-time and monthly donation options to support reciprocity. Yay mutual nourishment!

Support the Work

Please note that all plans - even the $0 plan - offer the same access to the online Owa Community, Zoom call links, groups and spiritual tools. We uphold that access to Owa insights is open to everyone drawn to them, regardless of financial status.


Nourish Our Community Space (Monthly)



Every month

By selecting this monthly plan, your nourishment supports the back end of our community.

Valid for 12 months

Your funds help pay for:

Website fees ($350/year)

Zoom account fees (Cost: $14.99/month)

Monthly internet dues ($100/month)

and other technical support for our online space

Nourish Amber's Dreams (Monthly)



Every month

By selecting this monthly donation, your nourishment fuels some of Amber's personal dreams.

Valid for 12 months

Your funds help to sponsor projects such as:

Recording Amber's original music

Building an eco-friendly home in the Jemez Mountains, NM

Wood batik art supplies and other creative pursuits

Nourish The Work (Monthly)



Every month

By selecting this monthly donation, your nourishment pays it forward for others to receive the work

Valid for 12 months

Your funds help pay for:

Rented community space in new places

Travel costs when going "on tour" with the Owas

Gemstones, tools and other items that the Owas give away

Owa Clothing repairs, instruments, resins and other items

  • Nourish Our Community (1-time Donation)

  • Nourish Amber's Dreams (1-time Donation)

  • Nourish the Work (1-time Donation)


Or choose your own amount

via paypal

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Concrete Wall

no matter what energy exchange you embrace,

don't forget to join the community!

Best Value

Join the Owa Community



A members area for people who have been in circle with the Owas. Travel updates & circle discussions

Valid until canceled

Showing up for yourself and the world

is a big part of the work.

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