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Recognize. Release. Replenish.

BodyTalk, Live Blood Analysis and Sound Therapy with Amber Word

Why Naturopathy

What is BodyTalk?

A holistic healthcare modality that uses your body's innate wisdom to discern what is at the root of your dis-ease and, by using tapping and awareness practices, alerts the body what it needs to prioritize optimal healing so it can gear up and jumpstart self-healing from the ground up. Just a few things that it can help with...

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Intolerances & Digestives Issues

From stress patterns, to physical blockages in the organs, communications in the endocrine system or even scars interrupting qi energy, let's rekindle flow in the gut.

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The beauty of BodyTalk is that it only goes as far as you need to. It is possible to get to blockages caused by trauma without reliving it. Restoring connection is key in enhancing resilience and ability to cope.

Difficulty with
co-workers and 
family members 

By strengthening inner balance, the impact that seemingly difficult  people and situations have, can shift dramatically.


Restoring brain balance can be incredibly effective when working with anxiety. We can also discern some of the patterns that are leading to dis-ease in the body/mind.


Let's uncover some of the underlying issues and active memories in order to relieve unhealthy sleep patterns.

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Fears,Phobias &
Limiting Beliefs

When you find yourself unable to overcome your fears - small or big - the impact can be huge. Together, we can look deeper into these clues and release their control.

Why Naturopathy

What About Live Blood Analysis?

Get the "inside scoop" by seeing, under a microscope, what's happening with your red and white blood cells in real time and discover actionable lifestyle shifts helpful to heal from the inside out. Here are just a few things that you can see...

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Hormone Imbalances

Have you been feeling a bit off and wondering if your progesterone or testosterone levels are wonky? Take a peek into your blood to find out!

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Immune Response

There is nothing quite like seeing your body's defense team in action! Each kind of white blood cell has a very specific function and can tell you a lot about what's happening with your immune system and how best to support it.

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Digestive Insights

From B12 and Folic Acid levels to showing how well you are processing proteins, see firsthand how your red blood cells are responding to what you eat.


Oftentimes a culprit for foggy headedness, if this fungus is thriving off of the sugars or breads that you consume. Your world can change drastically by shifting your diet to stop feeding them and using a plant ally to help move them out of the body. 

Why Naturopathy

And Why Sound Therapy?

Sometimes you want to get out of the story, get out of the head and just move what ails you. Using the vibrations of Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, rattles, drums and tuning forks... you can't help but FEEL movements in the body. If nothing else, believe science when it says... sound therapy helps reduce cortisol levels (yup, that means stress) and balances the brain.


“Amber has a way of gently uncovering what wants to be seen and illuminating the truth of who you are. Her mere presence makes you feel safe to be you. She helps you see the beauty and purpose of where you are so that you can move forward with clarity and ease.”

— Chanda Hope, founder of Intuitive Panda


Your inward exploration is nurtured here.
Heal yourself, heal the world.

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