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Owa Community

Long fascinated by healing traditions from around the globe, it wasn't until hitting a marmot while traveling through Mongolia in a hand-built land sailing kart with her previous partner (you can read about that adventure here) that Amber found herself with bruised ribs and a case of bronchitis. Which led her to the feet of a Mongolian shaman. After three days of a rains retreat, He told her that she had been marked by her ancestors to become an "olach" and if she devoted herself to a life of service, he would initiate her even though her ancestors are not Mongolian. The path has been long, intense, quite lonely but also profound, beautiful and healing and full of service to others as she has been a conduit for several ancestors over the last five years. Amber now holds circle (using specific clothing and instruments to be a trance channel for specific unembodied entities). When home in New Mexico, she holds circle weekly and while traveling, she holds circle wherever she's invited via word of mouth. Her ancestors have been clear that she is not to promote or market them, but living in the online information age, this is now a landing place

for those who hear about them in an organic way.

All Owa circles and one-on-one sessions are purely by donation and always will be.

Donations are always accepted, but never expected.

Donations do not only need to be monetary.


For those who have met the Owas in person, we now have an online group where updates about circles, as well as spiritual tools and teachings are posted regularly. If you have met the Owas and would like regular updates:


If you would like to meet with the Owas one-on-one or host an in-person group gathering:

For the month of September, Amber and her mother, Char,  are on a journey to track the family line - currently in Quebec, Canada and then over to BC, depending on where they're directed. This trip is to recognize and repair systems of oppression within the blood, within them and within our world. They will also be doing land clearings and grid work as they travel. Updates about these endeavors will be posted in the group.

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Do you feel the distant call of your ancestors? Asking you to address generations of ancestral trauma? Over the last several years I have come to see that this life is full of opportunity to right the wrongs of our ancestors and to listen - also - to the wisdom of those who have come before us. Char, my mother, and I are on a trip to track the family line under the guidance of an unembodied ancestor. Along the way, discussing ways to energetically acknowledge the reality of the toll of generational harm - that by feeling and processing the pain - rather than denying it - that we can neutralize harm still alive in our bloodline through accountable acknowledgement paired with compassion. Guilt and self-deception propel systems of oppression rather than create space for something entirely different.

As we take this journey, we will be doing channeled land clearings, stopping especially in places known as "haunted" often where there have been experiences of deep trauma, massacre and injustice.

We will be holding circle and one-on-one sessions wherever requested.

The journey has led us up through Michigan. Now in Quebec, we will be making our way across North America to British Columbia.

Your donations help support this journey by providing food, shelter and gas.  Thank you!

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